Important Settings


This mail server can be accessed using a number of hostnames. The main, or "official" hostname is - using this hostname will allow you to use certain features more easily, however it is not essential. Users commonly access the server using mail. followed by the domain of their email account.

Login Details

Incoming Mail

Mail can be retreived using both POP3 and IMAP4. The preference will likely depend on the requirements of the individual. Both services are accessible using the same hostname. Both services are also available over an encrypted connection (SSL or TLS depending on your mail client). Please note: the certificate is in the name - your mail client will ask for confirmation if you use an alternative.



Encryption is recommended but not required at the moment.

Outgoing Mail (SMTP)

Outgoing mail can be sent using the same details as your incoming mail.

It is recommended that you use port 587 for maximum compatibility and features.

It is recommended you enable SSL or TLS (depending on your mail client) for an encrypted connection.

The outgoing server does require a username and password.

Alternative Configurations

Should the above settings not work you can also login to the outgoing server on port 25 - although this may be blocked by your ISP.